VetChoices CBD Extra Strength


Our extract is a human grade product, organic, made in the USA, containing 1000mg of CBD extract oil per ounce.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) was the first phytocannabiniod isolated from the Cannabis plant long before WW2. Recently there have been numerous scientific studies that show the effectiveness of cannabidiol (CBD) on a wide variety of conditions. Our VetChoices CBD is a full spectrum product which also contains terpenes and other elements. Full spectrum CBD allows all the components of the extract work synergistically together for maximum benefit. Whole extract is deemed to be more effective than isolated CBD. For a copy of our Certificate of Analysis (COA), please email us at the following address

VetChoices CBD could be effective:

  • Reducing Anxiety: Many studies have shown that CBD helps manage the symptoms of anxiety disorders, including general panic and separation anxiety. It has a relaxing effect.
  • ┬áChronic Pain and Arthritis relief: since dogs have more receptors than people, there can be considerable pain relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Treatment of Seizures and Epilepsy: CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing some types of seizures and epilepsy in clinical trials on human subjects. Pets suffering from epilepsy and seizure disorders, spasms and tremors, may benefit from the continued use of CBD.
  • Aging and wellness: Throughout its many properties, CBD is shown to promote overall health and well-being, and in the geriatric pet, there can be relief of many aging conditions, including heart/liver overall health.


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