Does your dog or cat suffer from separation anxiety? Scientific research supports the use of full spectrum CBD extracts to help dogs and cats deal with anxiety.

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Chronic Pain

Does your dog or cat suffer from long lasting pain? Full spectrum CBD extracts have anti-inflammatory properties promoting healthy joints and relieving chronic pain.

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Osteoarthritis in dogs can develop at an early age, however it is almost always detected in adulthood. A small clinical study conducted on dogs with osteoarthritis shows that full spectrum CBD extract,  alleviate chronic pain, improve canine mobility and reduce inflammation and swelling of the joint due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

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Canine epileptic fit or seizure is common in dogs and characterized by stiffening of the legs, Increased instances of vomiting as well as drooling, loss of bladder control, sleepiness, and violent muscle spasms and contractions. Scientific studies have shown that CBS extracts can help reduce seizure frequency.

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